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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 07:29:19 -0500
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An issue that people may need to wrestle with is........  do they mark the
lines that run on your private property?


Several years ago, I installed an in-ground swimming pool. Unfortunately,
where the pool was designed to be, was dead center for where two 200A 240
lines were coming into the house below ground. Although I guessed that they
were there (by the line of sight method between where the above-ground
transformer was and the service entrance on my house), I called the
utilities to mark the lines. My electric utility was SWEPCO (Southwest
Electric Power Company). They dutifully marked their lines in their right of
ways, but there was no line marked up to my house (the whole point of the
exercise). AT&T marked theirs up to the house, the cable people marked
theirs, but SWEPCO did nothing beyond their ROWs. When I specifically asked
the man doing the marking, he informed me that "we don't mark private


Now, this from the same company that ran 3 or 4 commercials a day showing a
man and his son ready to dig in their back yard until his helpful wife
reminds him that he could get electrocuted, and he calls SWEPCO to mark
their lines in his backyard.....     (Yea, right !!!!)


I happened to also have my "lawn irrigation man" here that day marking some
lines, and he used his underground wire tracing indicator to find the 200
amp service leads (it sounds like pure 60 Hz hash in his earphones) and he
traced the lines for me. His traces were perfect....


Point of story.....    make sure that they will mark your lines (the lines
from their transformer to your house are "yours", not theirs. 




                          Gary        W5FI 



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