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I am surprised you don't teach your scout's how to 'witch'? It is super easy
and contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be 'possessed' to do
it..hihi! Just cut two pieces of copper wire (only because it is easy to cut
and will move freely) about 12" long (not precise and not a magic number).
Bend the wires 90 degrees at about the 5 inch point. Now hold the short end
if the wires loosely, one in each hand, and walk slowly over the suspected
area. Hold the wires just below your waist but hold your arms steady so you
don't move the wires up and down. As you approach a buried wire or a buried
water pipe, the long end of the wires will begin to move toward each other.
When you are directly over the buried wire/pipe, the copper wires will cross
each other. Now you know where your wire/pipe is buried. 

It is best to start out by 'finding' a wire/pipe that you already know it's
location, for practice and to convince yourself it actually works!

Tom - W4BQF

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In Texas, the program is called "Dig Tess" 1-800-Dig Tess and the utility
companies pay for the ads and there is no up front cost to the consumers.
Actually I believe its a state law that you call dig tess before digging,
even in your own yard.  They'll come out and mark all the utility lines,
phone, gas, electric, water, etc. on your property at no charge min bright
orange paint. They marked our back yard when we had an undertground
sprinkler put in several yearts ago. If you don't call them you're (or the
contractor is) liable for any damage as far as I remember the law.

As an addendum, an Eagle Scout candidate who's Eagle Board of Review I
chaired many years ago, was erecting a flagpole at his school for his Eagle
project.  Well, he didn't call Dig Tess and his volunteers punctured a
rather large natural gas line causing a significant leak.  The police, fire
department, gas company, etc. all were required to come out on a Saturday
afternoon with a plumber (at double time rates)to repair the line.  It cost
the scout's dad quite a bit to pay for the costs of repairing the line and
the lost gas, so the scout told his EBOR.

I've always warned my troop's Eagle candidates to call Dig Tess if they are
doing any project that requires digging, no matter if they thiunk there's a
utility line or not. 

Tom, WW5L


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> > In Michigan, we call 'Miss Dig' which is a separate
> company, PAID BY  
> > Consumers' Electric, when we need this done.
> > 
> > They find ALL underground lines:  phone,
> electric, natural gas pipe, etc.
> > 
> > The cost to the home owner is ZERO.
> > 
> Unless someone works for free and their equipment is free,
> don't think your cost is 'ZERO'.
> You pay for it every month in your electric bill
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