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Not in Louisiana.... I own the power lines in the ground from the meter to
the transformer 300 feet away. If those lines short or burn out or decay,
then I pay for the repairs and the electrician .... all the utility deals
with is turning the power off at the transformer until the repair is
completed and then turns the power back on. That may not be true elsewhere,
but it certainly is true in Louisiana. My next door has had his underground
mains short twice and it was repaired by a private commercial electrician
each time. 

My only point in raising this issue is that you need to very sure that they
are marking the lines through your yard and up to the house. If I had not
called the 1-800 number and assumed they would mark the lines to my meter,
and then walked the entire perimeter of my property to find where the lines
were buried in my yard, only to discover that there were no lines marked
(except the power mains in the utility right of way)(and my "irrigation man"
subsequently  marking where they actually were), the trackhoe digging my
pool would have hit the 400A of buried mains in the first one or two shovel

Your situation may vary....


                       Gary      W5FI 

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Gary E. Jones wrote:
> Point of story.....    make sure that they will mark your lines (the lines
> from their transformer to your house are "yours", not theirs. 
>            73
>                            Gary        W5FI 
I always thought "my" lines began after the meter.

73, Roger


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