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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Divining rods
From: Alan NV8A <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 16:42:29 -0400
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I remember reading decades ago that, according to the laws of 
aerodynamics, bees cannot fly because their wings are not large enough 
for their body size. The bees, however, being unfamiliar with the laws 
of aerodynamics, just keep flying anyway.


Alan NV8A

On 08/31/10 03:54 pm, Mickey Baker wrote:

> No matter the claims of many logical thinking, well meaning people on
> this list, there has evidently never ever been any scientific evidence
> that this works. Sorry, I suspect the physicists here aren't going to
> be much help. Known science doesn't explain everything.
> For more:

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