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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Divining rods
From: Mike Fatchett W0MU <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:24:13 -0600
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I know a guy here in Montana that drilled a well, went over 500 ft got 
next to no water.  After tiring of hauling water for a few years he 
calls out an Old Dowser, who comes highly recommended, and the dowser 
finds a spot about 20 ft away from the well.  They drilled and hit water 
at 87ft 10 gallons per minute.

Just luck?  I don't think so.


On 8/31/2010 2:44 PM, wrote:
> In all of these posts, there's an implicit claim that the location of the 
> desired object is fully random.
> It's not, right?
> For instance, in the pvc case below, the installer has probably seen the full 
> range of possible locations from similar houses in
> the area? I'm assuming it's the main water line, and there are no visible 
> outside shutoff valves.
> Obviously if there are visible shutoff valves either in the lawn or on the 
> house, it's almost trivial.
> Before describing the amazing solution, doesn't there need to be a better 
> explanation of why the target was fully random?
> And on the cable location problem: I don't get it. All our cables are copper. 
> How come people can't inject a signal of some sort
> and detect it themselves? I mean, isn't this trivial compared to other stuff 
> we discuss? Were people talking about some kind of
> cable that they couldn't inject a signal on? (can't you inject on the coax 
> ground braid?)
> I would think it would be easy to detect something of sufficient strength, 
> down to 18" or so (that's what chaser wires do?)
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>   No matter the claims of many logical thinking, well meaning people on
> this list, there has evidently never ever been any scientific evidence
> that this works. Sorry, I suspect the physicists here aren't going to
> be much help. Known science doesn't explain everything.
> For more:
> 73,
> Mickey
> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 3:30 PM, Bob Good<>  wrote:
>> Gents,  I too am a bit of a skeptic BUT last month in my front yard the 
>> contractor burying Fiber showed up to mark existing
> lines.  I was totally taken back when he breaks out two steel rods to locate 
> my pvc water line.  He chose this method over
> anything technical.  The rods swung and he pointed to the spot on the ground 
> and the spade hit its mark about 10 inches down, the
> water line.  Had I not witnessed this I would have put it in the category of 
> the moon phases determining how much dirt it takes to
> refill a hole.  Okay, it's been around for ages.  Now why doesn't someone 
> tell us how it works?  Is this another area 51?  Physics
> profs, Please step up to the plate.  It's your turn, yes?  Bob K4BG
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