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To: Mike Fatchett W0MU <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Divining rods
From: Robert Harmon <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:37:49 -0700
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It works for me also.  I was a very big skeptic until after two unsuccessful 
attempts to reach 
water at a reasonable depth on my property a ham friend that has experience in 
dowsing came over and located a location to drill.
He is a welder (and dowser on the side) uses two brazing rods 2 feet long with 
a 6" hook in one end.   I was amused at his walking back
and forth from different directions and the rods would cross over this area.   
To make a long story short, we hit water at  47 feet and 
our well maintains a steady output year round.  I became fascinated with Hugh's 
dowsing and gladly tagged along to two later 
dowsing sessions he invited me to.  He successfully located the water well 
locations in both of these cases also.  I live in Napa Valley, CA 
and we have an abundance of vineyards in our area.  The wineries rely on a good 
water supply for irrigating their vineyards.  In discussions 
with winery owners I learned that dowsing has become a normal method to use in 
locating well locations for our wine country.  


On Aug 31, 2010, at 5:24 PM, Mike Fatchett W0MU wrote:

> I know a guy here in Montana that drilled a well, went over 500 ft got 
> next to no water.  After tiring of hauling water for a few years he 
> calls out an Old Dowser, who comes highly recommended, and the dowser 
> finds a spot about 20 ft away from the well.  They drilled and hit water 
> at 87ft 10 gallons per minute.
> Just luck?  I don't think so.
> W0MU
> On 8/31/2010 2:44 PM, wrote:
>> In all of these posts, there's an implicit claim that the location of the 
>> desired object is fully random.
>> It's not, right?
>> For instance, in the pvc case below, the installer has probably seen the 
>> full range of possible locations from similar houses in
>> the area? I'm assuming it's the main water line, and there are no visible 
>> outside shutoff valves.
>> Obviously if there are visible shutoff valves either in the lawn or on the 
>> house, it's almost trivial.
>> Before describing the amazing solution, doesn't there need to be a better 
>> explanation of why the target was fully random?
>> And on the cable location problem: I don't get it. All our cables are 
>> copper. How come people can't inject a signal of some sort
>> and detect it themselves? I mean, isn't this trivial compared to other stuff 
>> we discuss? Were people talking about some kind of
>> cable that they couldn't inject a signal on? (can't you inject on the coax 
>> ground braid?)
>> I would think it would be easy to detect something of sufficient strength, 
>> down to 18" or so (that's what chaser wires do?)
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>>  No matter the claims of many logical thinking, well meaning people on
>> this list, there has evidently never ever been any scientific evidence
>> that this works. Sorry, I suspect the physicists here aren't going to
>> be much help. Known science doesn't explain everything.
>> For more:
>> 73,
>> Mickey
>> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 3:30 PM, Bob Good<>  wrote:
>>> Gents,  I too am a bit of a skeptic BUT last month in my front yard the 
>>> contractor burying Fiber showed up to mark existing
>> lines.  I was totally taken back when he breaks out two steel rods to locate 
>> my pvc water line.  He chose this method over
>> anything technical.  The rods swung and he pointed to the spot on the ground 
>> and the spade hit its mark about 10 inches down, the
>> water line.  Had I not witnessed this I would have put it in the category of 
>> the moon phases determining how much dirt it takes to
>> refill a hole.  Okay, it's been around for ages.  Now why doesn't someone 
>> tell us how it works?  Is this another area 51?  Physics
>> profs, Please step up to the plate.  It's your turn, yes?  Bob K4BG
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