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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Detuning
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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 11:33:22 -0700
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OK, well that raises another question.
If a clamp on bead works with a single cable and a single turn, why doesn't
it work with a Tower? Granted, on zig zag reinforcing on the tower, they
would also have to get a bead to break up the path but why not work? If I
can clamp on one each to each leg of an overhead power source to keep RF off
the service entrance, why not a tower leg?
It is still a single turn?

Section (cut in half with a diamond wheel) Mix 31 toroids and band them
around the leg. If 5 to 7 work as chokes for coax it should work for the

What have I missed?  (OK< yes, the guys also must be done as well AND all
cables descending down the tower.

Just curious.

Michael Baker  K7DD

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I agree ... one turn through a core is insufficient on 160m.

Using clamp-ons can be useful in other semi-similar situations, though.  
A couple of years ago afriend of mine, K9RX, was having significant 
detuning issues with his 3-stack of KT34XA's.  He could see the effect 
on SWR (and presumably pattern) on either 15m or 10m (I don't remember 
which band  .. maybe both) as he rotated the stack.  He was convinced he 
was getting interaction with the top sections of each guy even though he 
had them split with insulators per the usual recommended lengths.  We 
put three Mix-31 clamp-ons from DX Engineering on the top section of the 
guys out as far as I could reach from the tower at each level and the 
situation dramatically improved.

Dave   AB7E

On 10/5/2010 9:28 AM, Jim Brown wrote:
>    On 10/4/2010 3:00 PM, Michael Baker wrote:
>> How about using the Giant Clamp on Beads made my Fair-Rite?
>> Clamp one or more on each leg and the descending cables.
> Sorry, that will NOT work -- the impedance of a single turn through
> these parts are FAR too small to have any effect on 160M.
> 73, Jim Brown K9YC
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