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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 00:01:59 -0400
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 You have to treat them in order for them not to split. I am not familiar with 
the process. My son told me that it involves heating the bamboo up so "the sap 
comes out". The sap in then, according to him, wiped off/in to the bamboo. 

He gave me two stick, each about 8 feet. One was treated and is still as when I 
received it. The other was not treated and split after a short time. I don't 
know if he is correct but I am sure you can "Google" it. 

The split ones are, I believe, helplessly lost. Moreover, I have no idea if it 
would have helped to leave them outside. 

Hans - N2JFS




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Hi Folks,

Last winter I cut down a dozen bamboo stalks about 30ft tall. I stored them in 
the barn over the winter, to dry out.

Came back this summer to check on them and most are all split.  Should I have 
left them outside ???


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