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Re: [TowerTalk] External Receive Antenna Switch

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] External Receive Antenna Switch
From: "Joe Subich, W4TV" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 22:07:10 -0400
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Are you looking for something like this?

Might be a bit more involved than you want ,,, preamp and filtering
on the receive antennas but it will set between your transceiver and
amplifier and do it all.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 10/20/2010 8:55 PM, Richard Solomon wrote:
> I would like to add an external Receive Antenna to an older radio that does
> not have a separate Receive Antenna input.
> The crude way would be another T/R relay but that has inherent problems.
> Anyone know if something more exotic exists ?
> Thanks, Dick, W1KSZ

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