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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Bringing feedlines through the floor
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:46:43 +0000
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For those wood working challenged people out there, there are 3 popular
methods for putting holes in wood floors... assuming of course that you mean
you have a wood floor under the shack and aren't really talking about a
concrete floor where there are only 2, jackhammers and dynamite.  For wood
floors you can drill holes, the best option are hole saws or spade bits
since even the largest normal twist bit can just barely fit a good size coax
through.  If you need a larger hole you can get hole saws up to about 3" you
can use with a normal hand drill.  Beyond that, or if you don't want to go
round you can use a small drill to make a starting hole and then enlarge it
with a saw, either manual or small jigsaw works well, for bigger and rougher
holes use one of those demolition saws.  The final method is a fire axe.
They make really quick big holes but at the penalty of leaving a few
splinters around the edges.

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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Bringing feedlines through the floor
>   This brings up an issue I hope to work on soon...
> I will be running about 6 feedlines under my floor and up to my shack.
> There will likely be two runs of LDF4 and probably 4 runs of RG8.  The
> SPG will be just outside the house, before the lines go under the floor.
> I haven't decided yet best / neatest method of passing the lines through
> the floor.   I've considered cutting a 4x12 rectangular opening in the
> floor about the same size as a heat duct, or something similar.   Just
> thought I would ask, "how do you do it?"
> 73
> Dan
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> > Ditto.
> >
> > I'm willing to bet that the great majority of hams use an aluminum
> > plate for SPG.  Mine is 1/4" thick and replaces the foundation 'vent'
> > under my shack window.
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