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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Sealing Coax Connector
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 19:17:41 +0000
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For years I have been using plain old hardware store duct seal.  Comes in
big 1lb blocks for about $2, less than a roll of that other stuff.  It comes
off much easier even after years of being on a connector.  I usually just
squish a big handful of it on the joint then add a layer of electrical tape
outside to protect it from the sun and further push it in to the joint.  

David Robbins K1TTT
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> >  People seem to have so many different methods...I use  coax-seal...a
> goop
> specially made for the purpose. Messy but  effective  I have been
> recommended
> to use 3M 103C by a coax-seal  hater..hi hi
>     I also hate CoaxSeal. Once you put it on a  connector - you can never
> get it off; you have to throw the connector away.  The commercial versions
> (e.g. db Products, Andrew, etc.) are much  better.
>     CoaxSeal is a butyl rubber-type vapor wrap and  will do a decent job
> if
> it goes over an initial layer or two of good  electrical tape. Cover the
> vapor wrap with another couple of layers of  electrical tape and you've
> got a
> pretty bombproof connection. (Be sure  the last outer wrap of tape goes UP
> if the coax is vertical - that'll  keep water from running right into the
> joint.)
> Cheers,
> Steve    K7LXC
> PS - There's a good chapter on weatherproofing in my UP THE TOWER book
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