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[TowerTalk] Rope Snubbers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rope Snubbers
From: "Don Tucker" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 16:58:26 -0700
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I've a about 60 feet from the house to the tower. I'd like to get the coax 
and cables off the ground. I can put a big SS screw eye at the 2nd level of 
the house and a SS HD snap hook at the top of the lower crankup tower 
section.  The bundle is 4 big coax (213) and 1 small 58X coax, 2 rotor type 
cables and one small cable for 12V.

I cannot for the life of me remember the knot which produces a nice snubbing 
anchor for use in holding the cable bundles up at each end. I do remember 
from way back that it distributed the holding power across several links in 
the snubbing knot.

Anyone who can pass this snubbing knot to me I'd me appreciative????

Don W7WLL 


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