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[TowerTalk] 204BA matching question

Subject: [TowerTalk] 204BA matching question
From: "Mark, K5ER" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:17:24 -0500
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Hi Gang,
         Finally about done with the tower and starting to assemble the 
various antenna. For 20 meters, I'll have a pair of 44' boom OWA's. Figured 
I needed a smaller "mult" antenna, to keep from constantly having to swing 
the big ones. I had picked up a "nearly new" Hy-Gain 204BA earlier this 
year. Although it was still partially assembled, it really was still shiny 
and looked to be in great shape. I d/l the manual off the manufacturer's 
website, and other than having the old compression clamps, everything is 
exactly like the manual...EXCEPT...the beta match is totally different. 
This one has the beta off a current 203BA.

         The driven element has NO indication of ever having a clamp from a 
new style match, and both the DE and the boom are drilled exactly right for 
the 203 style.

         Since I don't climb, I'd like to have the antenna "ready to go" 
when the tower guy does make it over, so my question to the group is: will 
the old 203 style beta give good results on the 204, or do I need to order 
all the parts for the new style? If the 203 beta will work, I can have the 
antenna finished and ready to hang in about 5 minutes, If I have to order 
parts...who knows.

         Thanks for any assistance.

Mark, K5ER 

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