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[TowerTalk] Painting Antennas

Subject: [TowerTalk] Painting Antennas
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 00:52:24 EDT
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Sounds like Jim has a great idea on the self-etching automotive  primer.  
Do you think this same technique would work on SteppIR  elements?  (I've got 
some that are all faded out and could use a paint  job)
Dick- K9OM

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The secret is a good primer. I use a self-etching  automotive primer
formulated for Aluminum and fiberglass. You can cover it  with Enamel,
Lacquer or Latex based paints. Its available at automotive  paint stores and
most auto parts. I get mine from NAPA.

I would not  recommend applying any paint directly to aluminum. It will peel
off in  short order.

73's Jim

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> This week I am in the process of taking  down  antennas from my
> tower and replacing with
> new  ones.  In the San Francisco Bay area the aluminum doesn't
> take  very long to corrode and the old ones are in pretty bad condx.
> I'm  thinking about painting the new antennas this time and see
> how they  hold up.
> I read in the Force 12 assembly instructions for their C3  they
> mention painting the antenna and it shouldn't affect the  tuning.
> I have considered this before and remember discussions about  it
> but I am wondering if anyone
> could give feedback on a  particular paint that has worked well for this.
> Krylon has a latex,  gray aluminum primer that looks interesting.
> Bob
>  K6UJ
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