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Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 94, Issue 54

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 94, Issue 54
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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 06:26:05 -0500
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...after my last computer crashed and I replaced it and set up all of my 
email accounts I totally
forgot about this one till yesterday!  Over 1k messages from tower talk! 
lol.  I think I"ll keep the
last 5 or 10 and let the rest go ;>

I have my old T2X with the terminal strip that was God knows how old when I 
got it, had my friend
Bob W5FKN rebuild it for me and it was up on the tower for a number of years 
turning a 25ft mast,
M2 three ele. 40m linear loaded beam and a Force 12 5ba.  Of course I rocked 
it to start (darn wedge brake!)
and always coasted it to a stop!   Usually twice a year I would climb up 
there and realign the beam to
proper direction. (never pinned it)

....replacing some tower sections now and will be a while before I get 
aluminum back up but picked up a used
prosistel 61 for a REALLY good price, but will keep old trusty in the shed 
for my backup :>

   Michael de W5NIG

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> Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 23:20:24 -0400
> From: "David  Thompson" <>
> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Speaking of the HAM Seriesofrotators...How
> doyoutell the difference.
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> I have used a T2X since about 1980.  It has the terminal strip on the 
> base.
> To put it inside my 71 foor Tristao crank up I had to remove one of the
> sidebars.  Lou Tristao advised putting a Rohn 25 guy bar around the middle
> of the tower section. This takes some work but fits snugly.
> The rotor has been to repair three times.  The first after 8 or 9 years it
> went to Allen WB4GNT who runs Max Gain Systems (MGS4U).  He charged me 
> $75.
> I sent to him as a tornado passed over the house and lifted the beams, 
> mast
> and rotor/rotor plate and tirned the whole mechanism
> 45 degrees.  Brad W9FX worked on it as it took a beating by Hurricane Ivan
> and wind blasts at 85 to 90 MPH.  He did find extensive damage but it was
> fixed and that was 3 years ago.
> Tristao/US Tower has what they call a sleeve bearing in the top of the 
> tower
> below the top plate.  I bought a Fafnir commercial bearing that I placed 
> on
> the top of the tower.
> When I first moved to Atlanta in the mid 1970's I did buy a converted prop
> pitch from a fellow in CA (Bob Leo).  I think Bob was a WB6.  The problem
> with the prop pitch was it nearly broke the top of the tower off on one
> occassion when a element caught in a tree.  The HAM M/T2X is the only 
> rotor
> that fits inside my tower.  I looked at one of the RD1800's but its 
> slightly
> bigger and not much better.
> I do have another old T2X that I use as a temporary replacement when I 
> send
> the main one off for repairs.
> 73 Dave K4JRB


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