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[TowerTalk] Freezing prop pitch rotor

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Freezing prop pitch rotor
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 13:16:34 -0800
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Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 14:55:12 -0500
From: "Zivney, Terry L." <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Freezing prop pitch rotor

I seem to be having some problems with my small prop pitch rotor freezing up
When the temperature is below freezing.  I'm assuming it's a two part problem.
First, water must be getting in somehow.
Second, the water freezes when its cold.

My rotor installation looks like the fifth picture at

So, first, how do I manage to reduce water ingress?
Second, how do I manage to heat the rotor?   I don't have 120v at the tower
And it is about 400 feet from the house.

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9

##  Is yours  a k7nv prop pitch?      I have a K7NV rebuilt PP,  and it has a 
very small
1/8" diam hole in the very bottom of the motor housing, which is the lowest 
point of the assy. 

##  The K7NV rebuilt PP's  appear to have some of the  holes plugged up on the 
sides, and yet
some other's  are open, and free to drain water. 

Later.... Jim  VE7RF

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