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One other thing I haven't heard mentioned yet.  Putting a 2k pound tower that 
is 22' long (nested) on a typical 16' or 18' car hauler flatbed trailer means 
you've got several feet of tower sticking out the rear.  This means the weight 
is not centered over the axles; in fact, it is too far over the rear end.  
Guess what happens when you start moving at freeway speeds?  The trailer will 
sway, possibly violently, and can easily cause an accident.  A certain amount 
of tongue weight needs to be maintained to prevent this.  Putting the tower on 
the trailer with the base end toward the tow vehicle is important; more weight 
may be needed to get it right.  A quick side trip to Home Despot for some 80 
pound sacks of concrete to put on the front of the trailer can provide enough 
ballast to make it tow without swaying.  The aforementioned boat trailer works 
nicely for towers because the axles are  further to the rear to handle the 
rearward weight of boats.

I hauled a buddy's US TOwer HDX572 on my trailer and it did sway a bit at about 
60mph (or faster).  We only had to move it about 10 miles, so we kept the speed 
down and it was fine. 

On Dec 2, 2010, at 17:58 , Larry wrote:

The trailer scheme can work but one needs to pay attention to the trailer
laws in any states you will travel through. There may be length, width,
and/or weight limitations. States often differ on whether trailer brakes
may be required and at what weight you must have brakes.

73, Larry  W6NWS
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Shipping Companies is a similar site, but one with many independent folks who may be
doing something like transporting an empty boat trailer between your two
sites. Boat trailers make great tower transport vehicles. The problem with a
long haul on a flat bed trailer is that the trailer is usually shorter than
the tower sections with crank-ups and your lights end up forward of the end
of the trailer, which is a safety and perhaps legal issue.



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> Hi Bill,
> I often contact as they will bid out a shipment to many
> shippers, then you can pick your price-point.
> 73, Scott W3TX
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