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Subject: [TowerTalk] Breaking all the tower climbing rules at an
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 19:12:52 -0800
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Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2010 14:38:01 +0000
From: Paul_group <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Breaking all the tower climbing rules at an
amazing height...

On 02/12/2010 13:33, n4zkf wrote:
> Horse Hockey!  "The safer a situation seems to be breeds complacency, that's
> when accidents happen"
> That's the biggest bunch of BS I have heard in years.


> Sorry for the soapbox guys but when I hear this stuff my blood boils. 100%
> tie off at all times! Period!

Someone earlier asked how much people got paid for working like this, 
let me answer that simply:

If an employee or contractor of mine worked like that, he would not get 
paid.. and would never work for us again.

73 de Paul GW8IZR IO73TI

##  at the telco I worked at for 34 yrs,  anytime anybody is working >85'... you
are paid  double time. These days, that amounts to aprx $63.50  per hr.
 I started when I was 20 yrs old back in 1976.  The 64 yr old, old geezers' that
were there at the time, had been there since  1932, and no accidents on their 
watch either.    Zero
accidents in the 34 yrs I was there.  None of the various towers were over 200'.
Average wage for a tower climber in the usa these days is $18.50 per hr.    
that 1 hr TV documentary  a couple of yrs back on NBC, depicting us 
contractor's  working on
various cell tower's ?  They had deaths left, right, and center. Some of the 
tower climber's
depicted in the documentary were later killed, and the funeral was also part of 
the same documentary. 
Then the owner of the tower climbing business is pissed off, since he had to 
shell out Just over $1000.00  
for  bit's and pieces of new safety gear, after inspecting everyone's  climbing 
gear!   This is your typ non union
jerk run organization, low wages, safety last, climb or get fired. Where I 
worked, the employee's had the  final say
in whether a structure was safe to climb, not the boss.  Do these idiot's even 
have a health and safety committee? 

##  I wouldn't trust those step pegs  farther than I could throw em.  Esp the 
super long ones, that only stick
out on one side of the mast, as depicted in that video.  IE: you have both feet 
and hands on the same super long
pegs.  If you read through all the various  industry- tower safety related 
items, several showed sheared off step pegs. 
They are usually just 5/8"  x 10"  long steel bolts, with mushroom end's on em. 
  That's long as you have the
requisite safety cableS  running down the side of the mast/tower....and the 
climber is clipped onto the safety cable at all
times.  Then if he slips, he's not gonna  fall too far.   If you go through 
that video a couple of times, you will see instances
of where the climber is only holding on with one hand!   Now that's really 
asking for trbl.   Now add a little moisture, or a 
sudden rain fall, some wind blowing you or the 30 lb tool bag swaying in the 
breeze, or the fact the temp drops 3 deg's F
for every 1000'  you climb up, and now you are really inviting trbl. 

##  what happens when the  climber's hands go numb, or he has an accident, and 
smacks his hand/arm/elbow into some 
steel, and now has extreme difficulty climbing down?     There appeared to be 
rust in several places  during the climb in that
video.  I'd like to seem them do a guy wire change out. 

later.... Jim   VE7RF  


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