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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 22:30:13 -0800
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Thanks for all the information. First I have hauled towers before just not
2/3 the way across country so I was trading off shipping or doing it myself.
My first thought was a flatbed trailer. That does not seem too reasonable
since there are not many rentals out there. I would not stack a 2440 pound
tower on a trailer not specifically designed to carry that load. Furthermore
it would be positioned and secured properly. Since the tower is approx 27"
high when laying on a face it would fairly low CG.


 Honestly, the only two alternatives is renting a 26 footr flatbed stake
truck. I could fly out, pick one up near the shipping point have it loaded
and drive it home. The tower would be  positioned the middle of the truck.
The truck is well capable of handling that load. I am not in any hurry so 55
mph or less is fine.


The second alternative is to have it shipped. I am in contact with several
shippers at the moment. The issue is cost. If it is one of many items then
the cost may be less than the first alternative. As mentioned, there is a
potential for damage. Insurance would cover that nevertheless I think a
shipper is probably capable of transporting without damage. I have
calculated the approximate cost of doing it myself. I am waiting for quotes.
If it is not too much more I will let a professional do it. K0FF has someone
who can load it and I have someone here who can off load it. 


It is interesting to factor the shipping costs. It is not a deal buster but
it is costly!


Thanks for all the input. I have some time to weigh things out and hopefully
I will have a few options.





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