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[TowerTalk] Small Prop Pitch water seal

Subject: [TowerTalk] Small Prop Pitch water seal
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 22:26:33 EST
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It does sound like you have water intrusion and that is causing the  
problem.  Most likely it has been happening for a long time, and has been  
with the lubricant and emulsified - this can freeze up very  easily.    A 
temporary cure could be some form of heating (use  the resistance heater cable 
used to keep gutters free of ice) but that will take  power (117v) to 
operate.  Removing and cleaning it up is the correct  solution.
Kurt's web site is a good reference for disassembly, cleaning and sealing  
of small prop pitch motors.
The photo below is one of the keys to sealing the gear assembly.  The  seal 
must be pliable, intact and lubricated.  Not shown in Kurt's photo's  is 
any form of rain shield or "umbrella" which I use to further divert water  
away from the spline seal.
Bite the bullet and take it down - 
Norm W4QN

To "Zivney,  Terry L." _00tlzivney@bsu.edu_ ( 

I  seem to be having some problems with my small prop pitch rotor freezing  
When the temperature is below freezing.  I'm assuming it's a two  part 
First, water must be getting in somehow.
Second, the water  freezes when its cold.

My rotor installation looks like the fifth  picture at

So, first, how do I  manage to reduce water ingress?
Second, how do I manage to heat the  rotor?   I don't have 120v at the tower
And it is about 400 feet  from the house.

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9


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