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[TowerTalk] wire yagis for the top band vs phased 26.5 m verticals

Subject: [TowerTalk] wire yagis for the top band vs phased 26.5 m verticals
From: Chris Wagner <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 10:31:49 +0700
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My YL consented to a humble antenna farm. Instead of spending big bucks on
costly towers, I plan a low cost solution with wire yagis pointing NW from
Thailand, where 90% of all QSO partners should be found.

A 26.5 m vertical is good for 160 / 80 and 40 m and phasing them would work,
I hope, too.

I love a place like Pai, but it is surrounded by mountains and a low take
off angle would be a waste, I'm afraid. Next week, I'll go and explore the
Golden Triangle region on a motorcycle. Some lot near the 1095 would be a
dream come true!

Q: Who has experience with several verticals and huge wire yagis? Space
permitting, I hope to compensate with more elements for lack of ideal hight.

Q: For easy repairs and low cost, I chose *Ten Tec Omnis*, *V* (+ N4PY's
chip) and *VI*. * *With INRAD
filters for both ZF stages and SSB and CW, these Omnis will hopefully
perform good enough for this beginner. Or am I wrong as prohibition?

Q: anything else I should consider when looking at land? High water level
(middle of a rice field?), adding salt to the soil? Some clever radials or
ground system?

A tower with stocked yagis but no rotors would also work, if I can keep the
proper distances between them and the ground. And for RX, a long Beverage
would be nice.

Need electricity but want to be far away from man made noise and a city.
Mmh. Wish me luck!

73 de Chris HS0ZFE  KF6VCI

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