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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Protecting fibreglass spreaders
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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 12:40:31 +0700
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Thanks for all the info on coating for my fibreglass spreaders. To summarise
I think:

1.      They are already "furry" so I think I can get straight to painting
2.      Either FRP resin, epoxy based paint or latex paint should do the
3.      Nothing is likely to last more than say 5-10 years.
4.      Wrapping with tape might suffice in the event I cannot locate
another suitable covering.

Hopefully I can get the quad finished this winter season and back in the air
before the hot weather returns around March. It is a 2 element Lightning
Bolt with 5 bands that I plan to feed individually through a tower top
switch. I also plan to add 30m and 40m folded dipoles as per EI7BA. I may
also move the 10m and 12m driven elements as I think the 8 foot boom is
really too long for them. Finally adding 6m might be possible even though we
do not (yet) have an allocation there.

Thanks for all the input.

Martin, HS0ZED

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I need to coat the spreader arms of my quad. Options for coverings are
limited to what I can source here in Thailand. I can buy polyurethane finish
but even the exterior grade ones I have seen are marked for wood and I'm not
sure if direct application to fibreglass would be appropriate. I am not
averse to coloured spreaders so would paint them if that would be a better
alternative. Should I then choose enamel, acrylic or some other type of


Particular brand or trade names are not much help as they are either not
available here or have different names! What about a coating of fibreglass


Would a better option be to wrap the spreaders in pvc tape or heatshrink





Martin, HS0ZED



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