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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fractal Antennas, Chip Cohen (N1IR
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 23:19:17 -0800
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From: "Craig Clark" <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Fractal Antennas, Chip Cohen (N1IR

Fractal Antennas, Chip Cohen (N1IR) Summer 1995 Communications Quarterly

Craig Clark K1QX
PO Box 209
107 Fitzgerald Rd
Rindge NH 03461
603 899 6957

##  I read a Scientific American article  about fractal antenna's  10 yrs ago.  
It was touted as being able to have a super narrow
azimuth beam-width.   The idea here was to be able to have the ability to   
RE-USE cell freqs over and over and over..all  at one
cell site!    IE: the touted fractal cell ant was split into dozens of lobes, 
each only a few degree's  wide.  The claimed 3db down points
were the eq of a jillion ele's on a conventional yagi.   I read through the 
Scientific American article several times..and the maths  just
didn't add up.   One of the techs at the Telco I worked at for 34 years had 
brought in the magazine and was ranting on about it, like
it would solve all our problems at work.   There is only so much radio spectrum 
 for cell freqs, hence the digital cell sites have shorter
range, and more cell sites  are required.   Then the freqs can be RE-used.   
The buck roger's Fractal claims were sci Fi  borderline
pseudo junk science imo.  Fractal claimed the  SINGLE cell site, with it's  
dozens of segments  could track a moving vehicle... and
as the vehicle moved from one segment to the next, the 'Processor controlled 
system'   would  transparently..'hand off' the moving
vehicle  from one segment to the adjacent segment... all on the SAME FRACTAL 

## It was too good to be true. Why install 3 x doz  cell sites on the roof tops 
 down town, of any mayjor city in NA...when  you could do it all
with one-two cell site's.. with the super duper fractal ant.. which had loads 
of gain, and dozens  of  narrow lobes, all neatly butted up against 
each other.  All the techs said this is pure BS, and will never happen.  

## Several years later, I read some detailed  scientific/peer reviewed expose 
on the fractal and similar ant claims..and the poor 
fractal ant myth  was debunked  once and for all.  I'll be dipped if I can 
remember where I read the expose article.   [ it was not in
any ham publication either, it was a commercial /trade rag].  

##  here it is 2010... and no fractal ant's being used by any major cell co in least that I'm aware of. 
This kinda reminds me  of the..."air car".    'They' have been working on this 
damned air car  for 15 years now... and always on the
verge of a break through.   They even have a U tube video of it  whizzing down 
some European road at 60 mph.  Apparently
'contracts' were signed  with GM and Ford...and India  was  starting to..." 
build them"  etc.   There was always  some  'tech difficulty'
to be sorted out etc.   The tech girls where I worked, were adamant the  air 
car was the real answer to mankinds car problems.    The  air
car  'engine' they depicted.. consisted of piston's and cylinders, and a 
crankshaft, auto transmission etc..all being driven by a tank
of compressed air !   Perusing 'tree'  one day, several  university 
engineering students also got sucked into the bs.
They were all under the delusion that the air tank in the car could be refilled 
at your local gas station, or a small 120 vac  1 hp air 
compressor, like you have in the shop, would also RE-fill the onboard air tank. 
Finally one pundit did the simple grade 9 maths.   Energy = volume x pressure.  
He calcuklated, that to make a small  compact car
travel  180 miles on a single tank of air would require a  600 gallon tank  
with a  minimum of 10,000 PSI !    Now a 600 gal tank
is a big mother, and  would have to be towed behind the sub compact car.  To 
handle 10, 0000 PSI would mean the wall thickness
of the tank would be absurdly thick. If you think a thick walled  600 Gal tank 
is heavy, it's gonna  be a helluva lot heavier with 10,000
psi.   [The only compressed air engine I'm aware of is a torpedo]

## I looked at the bs on the site.  Guess what?    NO street 
address, NO ph number.  NO fax number. NO info on which country 'they'
are in.  NO e-mail address.   The ONLY  contact info was for  "investor 
relations  info"   [IE: send us $$$ and get in on the grnd breaking 
The aircar is on a par with fractal ants.. both are a scam, and don't exist, 
regardless of patents.     

Later..Jim  VE7RF   


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