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[TowerTalk] USt TX-472 and Fulton K2550 Winch

Subject: [TowerTalk] USt TX-472 and Fulton K2550 Winch
From: Dan Bookwalter <>
Reply-to: Dan Bookwalter <N8DCJ@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:05:40 -0800 (PST)
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this is an FYI...

I had read that the 2550 is much easier to crank than the standard 1550 that 
comes on these towers (or at least did on mine). When I was putting my tower up 
a week or so ago , I noticed that the handle wasn't on the 1550 winch , which 
didn't bother me as I figured I could fab something up at work. Upon further 
inspection after using the raising fixture to crank the tower up to the 
position , which took about 15 minutes and LOTS of cranking , I discovered that 
the winch handle had been broken off sometime in the last 3 years while the 
tower was on the ground. I decided that I would take the 2550 off the raising 
fixture and see if I could make an adapter plate to hold and use it for 
the tower up. I had previously inquired with UST about replacing the 1550 with 
2550 and was told that it will not fit and that the handle would not clear.  
After spending much time figuring out how to lift and block all the sections by 
myself so I could remove 1550 I discovered that the 2550 bolts directly to the 
mounting plate using the same holes as the 1550....

All I can say is what a difference !! now even my 12 year old daughter can 
the tower up.



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