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[TowerTalk] Rebuilding traps on Cushcraft ATB-34

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rebuilding traps on Cushcraft ATB-34
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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 11:28:41 -0800
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I'm in the process of rebuilding the trap covers on a very old Crushcraft
ATB-34. Have been in contract with Crushcraft to located parts needed for
this project. Crushcraft has provided the end caps and the tubing. The
provided plastic end caps appear to be usable but, the tubing is aluminum.
The original tubing used on the traps appears to be a fiberglass based

My concern is if I replace the old weathered tattered fiberglass tubing with
the aluminum tubing, the aluminum tubing will de-tune the traps. Thereby
causing my antenna to not function properly. Would like to have some
validation of my concern from the "TowerTalk" community.

To add a little clarification about the parts that I received from
Crushcraft. In my dealings with Crushcraft it is obvious that these people
have NO idea of how there products work or how they should be serviced. They
are clearly dysfunctional. Thereby I have absolutely no confidence that
Crushcraft provided me with the appropriate tubing for rebuilding my traps. 

Can someone tell me if it would be acceptable to substitute aluminum tubing
for fiberglass tubing as a trap cover? 

Mike - W7RIS


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