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Re: [TowerTalk] Crimp tool for cable ends

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Crimp tool for cable ends
From: "Paul Christensen" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 22:57:59 -0500
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>I am considering taking the plunge and buying my first crimp tool to
> install coax connectors.


My vote is for the RF Industries RFA-4005 crimp set:

Available for USD $99.00 from RFParts:

Be careful when comparing crimp sets.  Nearly all the Asian ratcheting 
crimper devices are designed the same and are of approximately the same 
quality.  The difference is with the dies.  I've seen die quality range from 
excellent to unusable.

On a related topic, I prefer 2/3-level "finger spin" cable strippers, also 
made by RF Industries.  Paladin Tools CST series is also excellent.  I've 
not had much success with the hand rotary preset cable strippers.

Finally, invest in a good set of cable cutters.  Mine are made by 
ChannelLock and were purchased at Home Depot.  Unlike a pair of diagonal 
cutters or electrician's pliers, a cable cutter will keep the cable from 
crushing when the cut is made.  They also form a clean end.

Here's a really good article to get your started.  Written by Mike Higgins, 

Paul, W9AC

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crimp tool for cable ends

>I am considering taking the plunge and buying my first crimp tool to
> install coax connectors.  Currently I solder all of my connectors, but
> this is a slow process and from what I have read crimp connections are
> now just as good, if not better.
> I normally use LMR400, RG8, or RG8X cable, and I will be installing
> PL-259's and N connectors.
> Can you recommend a good set of affordable crimpers?  If you were buying
> a set for your station, what would you buy?
> Thanks,
> 73
> Dan
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