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Re: [TowerTalk] HDX-89 rotator replacement - w/o tilting the tower over?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] HDX-89 rotator replacement - w/o tilting the tower over?
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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 22:45:31 -0600
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I have an HDX-589 (with the older Z-bracing) through the procedure would be
the same with any similar tower.

I didn't remove the antennas or the 20' mast.

I have only tilted my tower over when I have taken it down to move, which I
have done twice (i.e., three installations).  I install my UST Mast Raising
Fixture on the top of the tower to raise the mast with antennas far enough
to remove the rotator.  The thrust bearing has to be loosened during raising
and lowering, and the setscrews in the collar just below the top plate are
used to hold the last temporarily when the MRF's mast collar is being raised
or lowered.

I lower the tower as far as I can that still gives access to the mast to
raise and then lower it and remove the rotator.  I'd estimate it's about

BTW, I originally used an HDR-300 rotator but replaced it with a Yaesu
G-2800SDX (the G-2800DXA is the current model) which has worked well for me.

Jim N7US

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I have an US Tower HDX-89 tower, and I need to replace the Tailtwister 2 
currently nestled in the top section below the thrust bearing. Is it
and what's the procedure, to remove and reinstall a rotor w/o tilting over
tower? I will have removed the antennas and mast, but don't how far the
must be extended to access the rotator plate.

Brian N9ADG


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