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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Aluminum clad wire
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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 08:33:50 -0500
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Would this work?

At 02:14 AM 12/30/2010, Grant Saviers wrote:
>I've been looking for aluminum clad steel wire for an antenna project
>and this led finally to a source for aluminum clad high tensile steel
>($90 for 3000'  11 ga).  Certainly a LOT cheaper than copper or
>copperweld alternatives.
>It took quite a bit of googling to find this, but now the question is
>why not use this for all wire antennas because it is cheap, very
>strong,  low-stretch, and corrosion resistant, although a little hard to
>bend.  One spool would make a lot of really tough through the woods
>Beveridges!  Also, there a number of horse fencing products that could
>be useful for wire antennas.
>There are some assumptions with this farm supplier, i.e. Al thickness is
>good enough for RF.  I found makers of well specified (ASTM B-415
>Hard-Drawn Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire) Al clad guy, ground, and shield
>wires for electric power distribution but the sizes and quantities per
>spool are rather large and I couldn't find any retail sources.  One tm
>is Alumoweld.
>Anybody know of sources for Al clad steel wire suitable for antenna use?

Jack Hartley
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"Celebrating 51 years in Ham Radio"

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