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Subject: [TowerTalk] Al wire
From: Howard Hoyt <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 10:59:21 -0500
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Hi All, and Happy New Year!

On Dec 30, 2010, at 5:33 AM, Jack wrote:

> >  Would this work?
> >  
> >  
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> ,
We use miles of that exact stuff and the 9GA size here on our horse farm.  It 
is very soft and stretches like the dickens, which is exactly why we use it: if 
a horse slides into it will not cut into and "glove" their leg as will the High 
Tensile Strength Steel stuff.  The Aluminum wire is so soft and stretchy 
(though not elastic at all) that under tension and with temperature cycling, I 
have to re-tension the fence wires every few months with ratcheting tensioners 
to keep them taut.  If I don't keep them tight, they droop, the fence charger 
is shorted out and I end up cajoling a horse who has escaped which is not my 
idea of a good time.

I would think they would work for elevated radials under low tension, but most 
definitely not for a center-fed dipole.

My $0.02 worth.


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