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[TowerTalk] Sloper on 40m?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Sloper on 40m?
From: "Jeffrey Demers" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 17:31:08 -0500
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I have a 50' fiberglass mast with some VHF antennas on it.  I'm planning to 
take the VHF stuff down and re-purpose the mast for HF.  I'd like to try and 
make some improvements on 40m to EU (Right now, I use a 1/4 wave vertical with 
several hundred radials) - and a sloper seems viable to get some gain and 
directivity.  (So far, so good...or am I wrong already:))

The basics seem straight forward:

-A dipole sloping at 45 degrees from the mast pointed to EU.
-The coax coming into the center feed point at a 90 degree angle

If I'm reading everything right - the mast must become a parasitic reflector 
and some wire introduced to it.  How long, what diameter should the wire be? 
I'm also curious if anyone else is using a similar arrangement?

Feedback appreciated.  Thanks in advance

Jeff, N1SNB

Jeff Demers
Director of Search Marketing


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