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Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 17:29:51 +0000
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Thanks to all. Great responses! I want to go with the local power company's 
system (installed outside the house at the meter against a brick wall, as some 
of you suggest), but so far they have not been able to confirm to me that my 
ham gear will be covered. Their web site says that "business and unusual 
electronic equipment" are NOT covered. Are my Alpha linear or my ICOM 7600 
"unusual" electronics?? 
They are sending me the actual warranty contract to read for myself. I'm the 
proverbial "lawyer that represents himself and has a fool for a client." (A. 
Lincoln) <g>
     The rep on the phone said "We don't cover lightening strikes on antennas." 
I didn't expect them to. That's why we have all kinds of ground systems and 
disconnect coax and rotor and SteppIR lines and surge suppress them separately. 
State Farm assured me in writing that my homeowners policy covers lightening 
strikes. In fact a good friend just had $20,000 of lightening damage to his 
house and ham gear, and State Farm paid him in full. 
  I appreciate all the good advice I get from you guys! I learn a lot here--and 
most of it is accurate <g>. 
          Dale. K4ROZ

On Jan 3, 2011, at 12:03 PM, "jimlux" <> wrote:

> Dale M. Schwartz wrote:
>> Are the whole house surge superstore worth considering? If so, should I opt 
>> for the local power company installation ($9.00/month forever) or have an 
>> electrician install my own?
>>               K4ROZ
> The devices cost about $100, plus probably another $100 to have the 
> electrician install it.
> So, your payback is a couple years or so.
> Something else to consider.. does the electric utility supplied one come with 
> any additional insurance for devices that get destroyed?  And, if you take a 
> hit, and the device needs to be replaced, do they do that for free? 
> (probably... but, on the other hand, the actual likelihood of a big enough 
> transient to kill the device is pretty low)

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