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[TowerTalk] ground rods and wells

Subject: [TowerTalk] ground rods and wells
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 09:40:58 EST
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In a message dated 1/4/2011 7:24:43 AM Greenwich Standard Time, writes:

I say  the well casing is a bad idea as many wells have submersible pumps 
which  are easily damaged by lightning strikes the local electricians 
tell me and  it does sound plausible.

I agree.  I had a well very close to the tower at one  location.  Two 
strikes down the well fried two submersible  pumps.
My last location had the well about 150 feet from the tower and was  not 
attached in any way and I never had a probelm.
At the station I am currently putting up the well is about 200 feet  from 
the closest tower and will NOT be attached.  Those submersible pumps  are 
expensive to replace and a 165 foot  4 inch casing makes a great path  for 

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