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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 23:49:03 +0000
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The Georgia Power Co  whole-house plan is called Premium Protection, and I 
believe is being sold by power companies all over the USA. They do the magic on 
the electric lines, CATV, and telephone lines-- all where they enter the house. 
They do provide a warranty ("insurance"?) against losses to most household 
appliances and electronic equipment.
     The Internet web site says it does not cover "unusual electronic 
equipment" and even the supervisors at the call center could not tell me if ham 
gear would be covered. I asked them to send me the actual "insurance 
policy/warranty form" and they mailed it today. As soon as I get it I'll report 
here. Also I'm polling the S.E. DX Club members to see if any of them have any 
experience with this program.
      I know that some of the major homeowners insurance companies cover you 
for lightning strikes-- but probably not normal surges.
     My office building (abt 35 years old) in the past had big problems with 
just normal surges that would ow power supplies on computers and telephone 
equipment. The power company put a recording device on the line in my office 
and you could see spikes occasionally where the 120 volt line would jump up way 
higher for an instant. They put some device in the building (a surge 
suppressor?) and that solved the problem.
           Dale. k4ROZ


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