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[TowerTalk] Non-conductive Boom Materials

Subject: [TowerTalk] Non-conductive Boom Materials
From: Michael Dinkelman <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 07:56:53 -0800
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Thanks to our late December windstorms, I will soon have the opportunity
to kill the 14MHz resonance of my 40M yagi boom. I expect the
two easiest methods would be to make it longer with extensions
(which would be pretty easy and cheap) or shorter by breaking it up with
non-conducting material.

Making it shorter by breaking up the (3 inch) boom appeals to me
the most but I am not sure what kind of materials would be appropriate
(for strength, weight, ultra-violet resistance, availability, and cost).
I've read
materials mentioned on this forum before but can't find the references.

This is also complicated by the fact the yagi sits in a Tic Ring Cradle so
the length
of any non-conducting boom material could be significant if I broke the boom

in the middle. However, I could break the two ends up.

Just putting out a straw man at this point.

dink, n7wa

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