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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pipe to mount vertical
From: "Clint Talmadge W5CPT" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 10:01:19 -0600
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There has been some discussion here on the reflector about the strength of
the pipe/tube to mount a vertical. It occurs to me that I may not want a
very strong pipe/tubes as a mount.  


Years ago I dug a hole about 3 feet deep and buried a piece of 2" thick
walled PVC and cemented it in so that the top is just flush with the lawn.
Over the year in this I have a used: a thin walled aluminum pipe, a piece of
aluminum 2" X .25" wall mast (from Texas Towers) as well as a piece of thin
walled galvanized steel tube (from a support on a store display). 


The first failure I had was the thin wall steel tube.  But I think it became
a sacrificial element, as when it failed the HF6V did not even reach the
ground and had no damage at all.  The second failure was the thin walled
aluminum tube.  It allowed my KU4AB 6M loop to touch the ground but other
than being a little tweaked, was not damaged.


So I think I will defy conventional wisdom and stay with thin walled tube to
mount my various experiments.


Clint Talmadge - W5CPT



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