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Re: [TowerTalk] Close call with death

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Close call with death
From: Randy <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 22:17:25 -0500
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This is an excellent example of "Your Mileage May Vary".

It depends where you are, as far as how strictly they keep track of things.
Here in FL, I've often heard people refer to "as-built plans".... but 
never anybody
FROM here, because there is no such thing, here. I don't know what they may
have at city hall or the County building department, but, it's not 
likely to have
been corrected after anything varied from what was first put down on the 

A good friend of mine, who is in the business of building swimming 
pools, amongst
other things, applied for a permit to build a swimming pool at his own 
home. They
told him he'd have to have the owner of the other half of the duplex 
sign off on it.
His house was a freestanding, 3 story canal-front home, and the other 
"half" of the
duplex was on another lot, maybe 75-100 yards away, owned by somebody else.
Obviously, there had been some hanky-panky, but, when two whole 3 story 
get built, on separate lots, as a "duplex", you really can't expect 
"downtown" to
have accurate plans. The people inspecting the construction had 
something else on
their minds, beside somebody's ability to accurately look things up in 
the future.

You *have to* call whatever the number is locally for utility location. 
That black 1"
pipe was probably a X-pair phone cable.

Here in FL, wrecking a utility w/o having it located is a CRIME, not 
just a civil liability.

FWIW, I once stuck my hand in a hole full of water, due to a broken 
sprinkler at a condo
that I worked at, and found a 220V line for a nearby halogen light, on a 
pole, about a foot down.
Things are not always where common sense would tell us that they ought 
to be.


On 1/15/2011 5:05 PM, Michael Hatzakis wrote:
> Its my belief that as a ham, whether you're digging a base for a tower, or
> driving ground rods, you need to go to city hall and get the surveying
> drawings for your house.  Most houses have these as part of their paperwork,
> but if not, most cities and municipalities have these drawings easily
> available.  Bad idea to do anything in backyard without this info.  When we
> built our tower, we HAD to show these as part of our permit to build the
> tower base.  I am sure there are plenty of people on TT with more info on
> this.
> mh
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> On 01/15/11 04:34 pm, K2VI wrote:
>> Post hole digging to install the pipe in ground for the 43' zero five
> vertical. I disregarded the 1.5 inch fence post and used the scedule 40 1.25
> I.D gavanized pipe. When digging i was about 38" down when i hit something
> hard. Hit it a few times thinking it was a root. Well i realized it was
> probably a rock and reached down and dug some dirt out to find out it was an
> orange heavy plastic pipe about 1" 1/8 . Also next to it was a 1" black
> tube. Im not sure if it was a huge power line but glad i didn't bust
> through. I just threw down some garden rocks and cemented the pipe in just
> above the underground lines. So im sure this will hold up firm when the
> cement cures. As far as grounding. I did drive an 8" ground rod next to the
> pipe about 10" away. I know i have to connect the ground rod to the radial
> plate but wondering about connection the antenna to the ground rod. If i
> connect a wire from the UNUN box on the antenna side and run it to the
> ground rod won't it couple to the
>   ra
>>    dial plate? Since both the radial plate and antenna connect to the
> ground rod in essence they are now both coupled together. Im in the dark
> here. Can someone please help me out here. I would greatly apreciate the
> help. thank to all. 73
> Did you call "Miss Digg" first -- or whatever it's called around your way?
> 73
> Alan NV8A
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