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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] With utilities you never know
From: Randy <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 18:49:16 -0500
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Years ago, when my job involved the location of sewer lines, I once got 
sent to determine
where the customer's line went into the City of XYZ's sewer main-- the 
city was replacing
the common line that ran down the middle of the back yards, with new 
mains that ran down
the street in the front of the homes. Obviously, the City's main would 
be near the middle
of the yards, well beyond the customer's swimming pool.... Wrong. The 
pool was a few feet
from the home, maybe 10' at the most, and the City's sewer main was 
between the pool
and the house. "Everybody" "should have" "known" that. Well, if anybody 
did during the
pool permitting process, they didn't say so. And it's likely that there 
weren't any prints to
show where that pipe was, and, I'd guess that any prints that showed 
that it should be
somewhere else probably got lost or all marked up with undated/unsigned 

In another instance, I located the customer's non-functional septic tank 
(nobody calls
anybody when everything is OK).... right under an addition to the house. 
done w/o a permit, can't fault the municipality on that one. No 
clean-out, nowhere
to pump the tank, all covered with concrete, under what is now part of 
"the house".

I've heard of another instance in which a fairly new home's sewer ceased 
to function, and
upon further investigation, it turns out that the sewer had been plumbed 
into a vacant
electric co. HV conduit. We can all hope that it was vacant, due to 
abandonment, rather
that being something that somebody would eventually have to convince 
conductors to
pass through.

I've got more of these stories...all factual or from trusted sources 
that have no reason to


On 1/15/2011 11:03 PM, r miles wrote:
> When I was in IL my clay  waste pipe  to the sewer system clogged with
> roots.  When the contractor dug to replace it with PVC my yard flooded.
> The incoming  city water line was wrapped around the waste pipe.
> The old 'Ma Bell' marked my line&  told me it was 3' down. We dug a 10''
> hole for a plant&   cut the line.
> Here in Tn if you  ruin  some utility without calling you pay all costs
> for repair.
> NEVER dig without calling them out for a mark.
> My sons in laws found out their septic tank  was under a concrete
> driveway.
> ....
> Assume the worst with utilities but never, never dig without calling.
> The danger&  costs could be fatal.
> k9il
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