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Re: [TowerTalk] 80m dipole with open-sleeve parasitic

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 80m dipole with open-sleeve parasitic
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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 14:12:30 -0800
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okay Rick, thanks for the clarification.
I guess what I'm thinking is that there is no single LC match, even with two 
wires that gives equivalent bandwidth.

Things that I'm ruling out: switching the LC values for different frequencies.
Spreading the wire ends of the two wires up to 3 feet or more (I think that's 

So while what you say sounds right, I don't think there's a pratical, single LC 
value, 80m, antenna that's equal.
If there is, I'd like to hear the exact dimensions so I can create a NEC 

Again I'm ruling out very wide cage dipoles.

And when we talk about loss comparisons, just because loss numbers might be 
greater, that's not necessarily bad. 
It's all about magnitude of loss. So I'd really like to model any proposal that 
works better.

I don't know of one (if there's a link somewhere I should look at, I'd like to 
see it? I have the ARRL Antenna 
Book and believe I've absorbed most of the relevant info in it? If not, a 


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> If you're saying a single wire with LC match can have same bandwidth and
> lower loss, I guess I find that hard to believe?

That is not apples vs apples.

If you make the antenna out of two wires, but simply tie
them together to make a "fatter wire", then the LC network
wins.  It might still win with a single wire, because the
fatter wire doesn't help the bandwidth all that much.

The reason why a lumped element network is more broadband
that any sort of distributed structure is that the inductance
or capacitance of a distributed structure increases with frequency,
which decreases the bandwidth.  The inductance or capacitance
of a lumped element is constant, by definition.

> Am I missing a loss calculation in open sleeve designs?

Open sleeves, like linear loading, are not lossless, or even
necessarily less lossy than good lumped elements.  There is a
lot more lossy wire in a parasitic element than in a coil.

> -kevin
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