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Subject: [TowerTalk] compression PL259
From: "Craig Clark" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 09:32:35 -0500
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When Pete brought this up, I went off on a tangent thinking a PL259 had been
designed that was similar to the newer F connectors that are called
compression connectors. On the F, you strip it per specifications and them
compress the back of the connector to complete the job. I was wrong.

We refer to the connector as a "clamp" type to differentiate between crimp
and the Ham standard solder type PL259. 

One of the differences I see in looking at the RFI RFU-503 and the European
connectors is that on the RFU503 the ferrule that the braid fits over has a
beveled edge that mates with the gasket while the European version has a
flat edge. I'll leave it to an engineer to tell us what is a better design. 

These are a six piece connector and are really quite easy to install. There
is the body, center pin, ferrule for the coaxial shield, gasket, washer and
end piece. I do not get too many requests to use these connectors but when I
do, I use flooded heat shrink tubing to ensure a good mechanical connection
to the coax and add to the water proofing. 

These connectors retail for $5.97. I do not have stock at this time but can
get them in a week to ten days. 

Are the magical? No but another good choice for certain applications. I use
them on the two runs of LMR-600DB that feed my towers.

Craig K1QX

Craig Clark K1QX
PO Box 209
107 Fitzgerald Rd
Rindge NH 03461
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