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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 11:50:23 -0600
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If you have had any damage to your antennas this winter due to wind, ice or a 
combination, or if you are contemplating building a new antenna or putting up a 
new commercial one, I will be glad to take the dimensions of a typical element 
and use Yagi Stress Professional to see what it would take to make them a 
little or perhaps a lot stronger.  Absolutely no charge or obligation to 
purchase anything.  If you are starting with a new antenna, tell me what you 
want it to survive in terms of wind speed and/or ice.  If you are building an 
antenna from scratch, it is pretty easy to make it so it will survive all but 
the very worst of storms.  The reduced stress of not worrying every time you 
look at the weather channel and see a little ice storm coming your way is worth 
a lot.   

The only thing that will take a lot more time is if you have an existing design 
and want to change the survivability significantly yet keep the resonance of 
the elements the same as originally designed.  That can be done also but will 
probably require a different mounting plate and hardware and some work with 

Just send an e-mail directly to with the element length of 
each half element section (if it is a Yagi)  along with the OD and wall 
thickness (usually .058).  I will assume the material is 6063-T832 unless 
otherwise specified.  If it is a vertical, give me the same dimensions for each 

In some cases you may only need a small piece of tubing to double wall a 
section in order to make a significant difference in its ability to survive the 
next storm. 

73...Stan, K5GO

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