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Re: [TowerTalk] Wireless tower direction indicator?

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Wireless tower direction indicator?
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 04:56:23 EST
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Jari, what is so special about the bad potentiometer that it defies  
Gerald K5GW
In a message dated 1/31/2011 2:42:10 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

I have a rotatable tower some 40m away from my ham shack.  The old, 
faithful tower rotator was hit in lighting and the potentiometer  
telling the direction of my antennas was burned. The rotator being an  
old, industrial model, the factory told me that there's no such  
potentiometers available any more .......

Now ....

Does  anybody know, if there are (commercial), potentiometerless 
wireless  (tower) direction indicators available in the market?

1) With  "potentiometerless" I mean, that the direction should come 
not from a  potentiometer at the base of the tower but with some other 
means. Eg. a  electronic compass at the end of a one meter stick 
assembled horizontally  on one of the tower diagonals a couple of 
meters above the  ground.

2) With "wireless" I mean, that the electronic compass - or  whatever 
device - should transmit the direction by WLAN from the tower to  the 
ham shack to a separate display to directly to a computer having  WLAN.

I hope I could describe the need good enough. I'm looking for a  easy 
plug-and-play-system, easy to assemble, easy to use and reliable. And  
getting rid of  some cables.

There's 230 volts available at  the base of the tower.

Any ideas?

Jari,  OH2BU


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