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[TowerTalk] old TowTec electric winch

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Subject: [TowerTalk] old TowTec electric winch
From: "Jim Spears" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 09:39:40 -0500
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Anybody remember these winches?  They were somewhat popular maybe 15 years
ago but went out of production.


I have one short the electric motor.  I purchased a used crankup tower and
the winch was included in the package.  It worked fine for a couple years
but eventually the motor failed.  I attempted to get the motor repaired at a
local electric shop but they claimed it was not repairable and somehow the
motor got away from me.


As a result, I have a winch consisting of the gear train and yellow plastic
cover less the motor.  Does anyone have a suitable motor or can help me
design a motor assembly?  As I recall, it was a reversible 120 vac motor
with a gear welded or brazed onto the motor output shaft.  And as I recall,
the motor was held in the unit by stainless steel hose clamps, nothing
complex or custom made.


As I get older, the tower ups and downs don't get any easier and I would
like to address this before it becomes a real problem.  The alternative is a
new US Tower MD-75 unit at roughly 1.5 kilobucks or equivalent from


My tower is a TriEx (TashTower) LM-254E.  I currently use a manual winch,
K2550 as I recall.  




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