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[TowerTalk] clarification on using a 1/2" drill to turn k2550 winch

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Subject: [TowerTalk] clarification on using a 1/2" drill to turn k2550 winch
From: "Al Williams" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 13:00:12 -0800
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My tower is the LM470 motorized so my use of the electric drill has been for 
tilting the tower up and down.

The drill is labeled HEAVY DUTY MILWAUKEE with further labeling of Hammer Drill 
Cat #5378-02. It also is labeled 1350/3200 RPM which I think corresponds to a 
switch that can be placed on "1" or "2" meaning 1350 or 3200 RPM?

The actual rpm depends on how far back the trigger is pulled. It starts out 
very slow maybe 1 revolution in a second or two and speeds up as the trigger is 
pulled further back. I don't have any idea of the torque but do know that one 
should have a firm grip on the handles (2) and have ones body well balanced to 
resist being spun around!!!  The torque required of the drill on the tilt over 
use is quite high when the tower is laid over below about 45 degrees.

I do not have to consider that the nut will be turned to loosen as the winch 
assembly has a head on the bolt and I just have to go to the other side of the 
bolt/winch to turn it cw or ccw.

I have not had to take off the handle because I have used an extension on the 
socket to get the
drill far enough away so that the winch handle is not a problem. For use where 
there is no bolt head, I would suggest shopping around to get nuts that have 
the correct thread size but are thin enough for two to thread on (and lock 
together) when the handle is removed. One might also have to shop a bit to get 
two bolts of different outward size so that the socket can go over the outer 
nut but that is probably not necessary if the two nuts are highly tightened.

I modified the LM470 tilting pulley arrangement by adding an extra pulley on 
both ends to get the extra pulley's mechanical advantage. This requires running 
the drill longer and so it is easy to lose patience and run the drill faster 
but that may heat up the winches clutch so I stop every so often in case it is 
warming up.


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