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[TowerTalk] Old HyGain VB-64DX Manual

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Old HyGain VB-64DX Manual
From: mike stokes <>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 23:01:02 -0500
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Last fall I stopped by a moving sale about 3 miles from house.  I
immediately spotted the Drake B Line.  It was over priced but I bought a
Radio  Shack 440 Ht for $15.  In talking with the ham, who was moving to
Florida, he gave me a Hy-Gain VB64DX and 2 Hy-Gain VB-66DX Yagis as well as
various push up poles and VHF verticals.  Anyway the yagis are missing a few
parts, and lot of elements were trashed from a tornado.

Anyway, to my question.  I want to rebuild the 4 element and put it up
around 20 or 30 feet this spring.  There are some differences between one of
the 6 elements and the other 6 and the 4 element.  One of the 6 elements has
bigger element to boom brackets and a short 7 " or so element that
transitions to the smaller diameter.  The other 6 and the 4 element have
smaller element to boom brackets and single piece elements of the smaller

I downloaded the manual from the Hy-Gain site and it shows dimensions for
the one with the larger brackets etc.  I assume they changed the design to
make them more reliable.

Anybody have a copy of an older manual that has the single size element
halves ?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Stokes

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