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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna Farm For Sale
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Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 20:37:27 -0600
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Going QRT ? all towers and antennas must go.


Tower #1:  100 ft 45G, 1 ea Alfa Spid,  2 ea TIC 1022B rotators, 3 ea 7L 10M
OWA yagis on 48 ft booms.


Tower #2:  120 ft 45G, 1 ea Alfa Spid, 2 ea TIC 1022B rotators, 3 ea 6L 15M
OWA yagis on 48 ft booms.


Tower #3:  150 ft 45G, 1 ea Alfa Spid, 2 ea TIC 1022B rotators, 3 ea 5L 20M
OWA yagis on 48 ft booms.


Tower #4:  100 ft 45G, Telrex rotator and TIC 1022B rotator, 2 ea Telrex 6L
20M yagis on 46 ft booms.


Tower #5:  190 ft 55G, TIC 1022B rotator with dual drive motors, K6NA prop
pitch rotor, 1 ea 4L 40M OWA on 48 ft boom.


Tower #6:  70 ft 45G, Create RC5B3 rotator, Telrex 8L 15M yagi on 45 ft


Tower #7:  135 ft 25G, Alfa Spid rotator, 2L Moxon design 40M yagi.


Tower #8:  40 ft 25G, Hy-Gain T2X rotator and Hy-Gain 204BAS 20m yagi.


All towers are guyed with 3/8? fiberglass rod and include guy brackets,
rotor shelf, 2? thrust bearing, galv steel mast, equalizer plates,
turnbuckles, etc?.  OWA antennas designed to maximize gain and F/B using YO7
and built with all SS and galvanized hardware.  Elements designed by mech
eng to withstand 120 MPH winds and substantial ice load.  Booms on 10/15/20m
OWA antennas are 3? OD with 0.125? wall.  40M OWA antenna boom is 3? OD with
0.25? thk wall.  Element to boom brackets on OWA 20m and OWA 40m antennas
are made out of heavy alum channel to increase strength.  These are serious,
heavy duty antennas.  You cannot buy anything like this commercially.  2L
Moxon 40m beam also employs 3? OD thick wall boom material and aluminum
U-channel element to boom brackets.  Lots of ½? and 7/8? Heliax, heavy duty
control cables, coax switches, stack phasing lines, and more.  Matching
units for two 80m bobtails.  This is the whole banana.  Put this up and you
will be loud ? guaranteed!  


Prefer package deal with buyer(s) to take down.  Serious inquiries only
please.  Please call 214-912-3913 for more info.




Steve ? K5MR



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