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[TowerTalk] Tower for Challenging Terrain

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower for Challenging Terrain
From: Jerry Gardner <>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 14:35:03 -0800
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I recently moved to a new QTH and want to put up a 70' tower for a 20m
monoband yagi and a 15/10 duoband yagi.

I have 10 acres, but the terrain is challenging. Almost all of it is on a
fairly steep slope (probably about a 12-15% grade). There are several
relatively flat areas, but none larger than about 20' x 20'. There are also
telephone poles in the area carrying 13kV AC, so I need to avoid these.

Under normal circumstances, my first choice would be a guyed tower using
either Rohn 25G or 45G. Is a guyed tower even feasible with this kind of
terrain? I assume that if it's possible at all, then the lengths of the
three guys would not be equal and that this would affect the size and
placement of the guy anchors. I have read several books describing the
installation of guyed towers, but none of them address sloped terrain.

Another option is a freestanding tower such as a crank-up or a Rohn SSV or
an AN Wireless. No guys required, of course, but the trade-offs are higher
cost and a larger concrete base.

There is a semi-paved road leading to the site that will probably
accommodate a cement truck and/or a crane.

Any suggestions?

73, W6UV

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