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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Bay Area Structural Engineer Needed
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I just received my building permit from San Mateo County for a US Tower 
HDX-589.  The County Building Dept. accepted the CA PE stamp and signature 
on the front of the .pdf copy of the structural calculations package 
provided by US Tower.  I have heard of some jurisdictions requiring a 
"wet-stamp" original  signature, but mine was a copy of the original and 
they accepted it.  If your tower is a commercial design, you should be able 
to obtain the manufacturer's PE structural package as part of their product. 
US Tower said that if needed they could provide an original wet-stamped and 
signed package for an additional charge, but San Mateo County did not 
request this.

Good luck, I feel for you, because they never give you a complete list of 
requirements when you apply.  It seems as if they make up the rules as they 
go along!



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Subject: [TowerTalk] Bay Area Structural Engineer Needed

>I visited the county (Contra Costa, CA) building department this morning to
> inquire about a permit for my tower project. They require structural plans
> and drawings stamped by a licensed California PE.
> Does anyone know of a PE in the East Bay (Concord area) who can undertake
> this work (and not charge an arm and a leg)?
> 73, Jerry
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