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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 11:58:18 -0700
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Yeah it's instructive to see how contractors deal with the permit process. 

I think the first thing is to accept that the permit process is not about 
helping you do a good job. You have to 
manage that on your own.

It's not about drawing schematics about your tower project like you're going to 
brag in a QST article about all 
the little details.

It's all about "What's the minimal amount of information needed to get the 

When you provide more information than expected, you become an outlier, and 
people start wondering why you're 
doing that, and processes kick in to cover.

If you have 10 acres in an uncorporated area, far from any property boundaries, 
and you come in trying to get 
people interested in talking about your tower project, I'm sure the first 
thought in their head is "Why the heck 
is he coming in here for something that's not going to impact anyone?" Hmm, he 
must be worried about liability, so 
we have to be worried about liability."

Note I'm not saying try to avoid any applicable rules. But don't think it's 
your job to decide whether you get the 

I'm reminded of the handrails on my deck. Rules for handrails are very 
complicated nowadays. I went with the 
letter of all applicable regulations, and built some very nice welded rails 
that cost a couple thousand. At the 
end on the final inspection, the inspector said "Oh, we usually just allow 

Stuff on paper gets the most scrutinity, and exposes the planning depts to the 
most liability. You want your 
proposal to always look like it's got all the bases covered, and is simple, 

That's reality.



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