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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 21:21:44 +0000
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Thanks mickey, theres was a photo embeeded in the email that wasnt allowed in 
the reflector
Without it is pretty hard to understand what i mean, its a sizeable lot, but 
until i need to include the photo. I will upload it in a site and include the 


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Nice QTH, Felipe!

What are your lot dimensions?

>From the literature (, I can see that the TIA-222G 
>requirements for wind speed survivability in Puerto Rico are similar to 
>coastal Florida, where I live. 

If a permit is required, or if you want your tower to survive the next big 
storm, you'll likely need to build to ANSI/TIA-222-F or ANSI/TIA-222-G. This is 
going to limit the height of your 55G tower as well as the wind load that it 
can carry.

Any certified Professional Engineer can help you determine what the 
requirements are, and the Rohn factory web site ( is a good 
place to start to determine which of their products might fit. Then you'll know 
how many guys are optimum for the wind load. If you can't place the required 
guys, you're probably going to need to reduce the specifications or wind load 
so to fit your situation. A local engineer can help with a plan. You're going 
to want the calculations to be accurate, so design is no place to scrimp!

Good luck, post the dimensions of your lot and I'm sure you'll get suggestions. 


Mickey N4MB
Fort Lauderdale, FL

2011/3/15 "Felipe J. Hernández Zulu" <>


Im writing to get some ideas on if it is possible to install a Rohn 55
in this lot., theres another tower to the right a 125 ft rohn 45
and setting them closer would not be too practical.

I want to see how high could I go using a rohn 55

 * The tower will reside on a concrete base use for self standing
 * The tower will be attatched to the top of the house at 22 ft level
 * As you can see I have limited space to the n/w and n/e about 50 ft
 at the current angle but they could be made longer,but the angle
 would be more open
 * no limit on guy lenght s/e s/w
 * tought of using 4 guys instead of three, since I cannot set up 120
 deg guy towerds the north n/e
 * antennas to be used 4 element 20 metrs monoband of 5 sq /ft 30ft
 boom and a 10 meter monoband 18 ft boom and 3sq ft
 * Ideally looking to install 80 ft.
 * looking at sustaining 100 mph winds

Is this guying too crazy?.. any tower gurus with ideas
coordinates 18.268287° -66.082271°





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