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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Hygain TH3
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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 14:59:27 -0700
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Hi Guys,
        I concur with the disassemble, clean, lube, reassemble list and
keeping the drain holes pointed down. I have used both Penetrox and
Bencher's Butter-its-not between conductors and where stainless steel
hardware is use, a suitable thread lube to prevent galling of the SS
threads. Nylock nuts are a blessing that helps get rid of the cut washers
and makes everything stay together. 
        When I did the last set of traps on a TH-5, I used a very sharp
drill bit and drilled out the dimples carefully so the hole was cleanly cut
and didn't leave a flash at the hole edge inside to cramp up the removal.
When I reassembled the traps, I used a good grade of RTV (Loctite Blue
Silicone Gasket Material and just plugged them with an oversize mushroom
head dimple to keep out the water and grunge.
        When you perform your rebuild, you might want to scrap the BN-86
balun (if you used one) for something a bit more efficient. If you run an
amp replacement is not a question: it's a necessity. The BN-86 was never
designed to handle 1500W, especially if you are running RTTY or similar full
duty cycle modes.
        They are a good antenna. I wish I hadn't sold mine years ago.

Mike Baker  K7DD

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Hi Eddy -

A few years ago I rebuilt an old heavily damaged TH-6DX. I cleaned and
"greased" (Penetrox) all of the tubing "joints". Took apart all of the traps
and cleaned them and "greased" all of the electrical contact areas. Replaced
the hardware with ss where possible.  It has worked great since and was well
worth the effort. The closest thing to a problem was getting the cans off
the traps because of the dimples they put in the cans after assembly. I
found a piece of tubing, with o.d. just smaller than the i.d. of the can,
that I could insert and tap on to force the trap form out.

Gene / W2LU

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hygain TH3

> Hi Guys,
> This has nothing particularly to do with TOWERS, per se, but I'm wondering
> if anyone reading this might have an idea, or two (it'll require CLIMBING
> the tower here in any event, I'm sure!).
> Specifically, I have a Hygain TH3 - Mark III 3-element tri-band yagi at 
> 48'
> here that has basically been idle, as I concentrated my efforts on the low
> bands for some 4 years now. Anyway, I re-discovered 10-meters with the
> inordinately high sunspot count of late, and pressed the yagi into service
> there with stellar results.
> Inspired, I next tried the antenna on both 20- and 15-meters, but was
> shocked to see the SWR inordinately high right across each band...
> Obviously something up there has gone awry in the preceding years---but 
> why
> is it still A-OK on 10-meters...?
> Thanks in advance, with my vy
> ~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ
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